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January 2020 - present

Media Burn (1975), Ant Farm

Editorial, communication / social media and curatorial support for Amsterdam-based film festival, themed around ‘the hidden life of technology’.

Everything from writing film descriptions, press releases and trailer scripts, to interviewing artists, social media, and concept for themes and programs. Both for the original festival, cancelled during the first lockdown, and for two seasons of streaming ‘PloktaTV’ event.

Plokta unravels the relationship between people and technologies, in all their different forms. The films are not just about gears, valves and switches, but mostly about people and about how we are connected through technologies. About what part they play in our mental lives. In our surroundings. In our societies.


Plokta returns as a streaming event for those exhausted by streaming. Linear TV for a generation that already killed off linear TV. Broadcasting for a post-broadcasting world. From cathodes to pixels, channel-hopping to binge-watching, ratings to clicks – television has changed, and not only for the better. So we’re connecting a past era of network broadcasting with a future beyond this media-saturated present. The cord might have been cut on cable TV, but we’re still plugging in.