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Worries in
the Groof

Aug 2020–present

A monthly residency on 1020 Radio, Bristol’s answer to NTS – an online, international community radio station. Me and Felix Postma (’2 Aloof’) broadcast highly crafted, individual and collaborative 2-hour shows and mixes. With themes ranging from ‘I Trawl the Megahertz’ and UK hardcore-indebted ‘Groof’ / ’Boof’ to the ecological ‘Earthly Delights’ and new-new age ‘Avalopolis’ (these last two my own shows).

Broadcasting the second Monday of each month at 15.00 CET. Texts by me, mastering by Felix Postma, illustrations and design by Adri Peralta.

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Avalopolis - 8 Mar 2021 (Callum McLean)

New normals, new age. Travel Covid-safe through the astral plane to distant psychic shores. Skylines distort into the titanic hedgerows of forbidden glades, where Groofers stroke their chins. Lock in, zone out and ride the swooping ebbs and overwhelming flows to Avalopolis.

Earthly Delights, featured by It’s Freezing in L.A.

Euphobia - 9 November 2020

‘Euphobia', an out-of-body experience where dread and euphoria are pleasingly muddled. Move through mysterious textures, tilting towards a mood that's blurrily rapt for a rave that never comes, like a pill forever waiting to kick in.